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  • Hemingway Bot

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  • Restaurant Chatbot

    Test Chat Bot for Restaurant 247/365 Available You need to enable JavaScript to use the communication tool powered by OpenWidget

  • From Novice to Pro: 13 Prompting Hacks That Will Revolutionize Your AI Experience

    13 Highly Effective Prompting Techniques Drawing insights from advanced strategies to make AI understand and perform better, here are 13 simplified techniques suitable for a wide audience. 1. Be Clear and Direct Direct instructions lead to better AI responses, similar to guiding a new team member. Example: “Remove names and addresses from this message: [Your…

  • Super Prompting for K12 Teachers

    The article “Super Prompt – An AI Prompt to Create AI Prompts” from the Control Alt Achieve blog talks about a new way to make good AI prompts using a “super prompt” template[1]. The author wanted to create a prompt that teachers could use to make their own AI prompts for different tasks, like making…

  • Self Prompting Ai are Here NOW

    Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is changing very fast. There is a new trend that many people are excited about. This trend is using AI to make prompts. Prompts are the questions or commands we give to AI. These prompts help the AI give us good answers. This new way of using AI is…